Alaska Expedition 2002
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Gold prospecting & frontier adventure at the Cripple River Mining Camp.

"I'm not sure exactly how or when it happened;

I remember being at work and hearing Kremm hollerin' from across the hall, and the next thing I know we're joining the GPAA - the Gold Prospectors Association of America - so we can take our dads on an adventure to the Cripple River Mining Camp northwest of Nome, Alaska.

Then we went prospecting, fishing, and exploring
about as far away from Texas as a man can go
and still be in America.

It's rugged frontier, and something I'll never forget..."

There's Gold in Alaska!

Nome, Alaska boomed at the turn of the century (the last century, that is..) when three lucky Swedes started what turned into a real-life gold rush.

And something about those glittering gold rush days appealed to Mr. Kremm, so my business partner decided that we were going north - WAY North - to a camp on the Cripple River about 12 miles northwest of Nome.  Just south of the Chukchi Sea, on the coast of the Bering Strait - the narrowest waterway between Russia and the States; a little more than a hundred miles south of the Arctic Circle.  The hostile sea is home to seals, killer whales, and Russian submarines.  The rugged coastline stretches for miles with only a short beach between the icy cold water and the heavy Alaskan tundra.  The landscape looks flat from a distance, but it's different up-close; providing surprisingly perfect cover for grizzly bears, musk oxen, and hordes of hungry mosquitoes as big as my dear granny's dog...

bullet The Gold Rush to Nome, Alaska
bulletSome history on Nome
bulletthe Nome Cam

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